Kaziranga National Park opening dates for 2017

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Kaziranga National Park opening dates for 2017:

kaziranga national park road conditionIf the weather in Assam remain fair then the park may re-opens for tourist from October 2017. The regular dates for the tourism in Kaziranga National Park is from 1st November to 30th April each season. For rest of the 6 (six) months the Park remains closed due to monsoon high rain and flash flood. In the year 2017 the National Park have faced the flood twice. The last flood about a month ago was even not dried the next one flashed the Park highly. Due to high flood the roads and bridges inside the Park were damaged according to the Forest Officials and National Media. The weather in Assam is now stable and the sunshine is a scope to re-opens the Park from October.

Best Season: 

The best and regular season of Kaziranga National Park are between November and April. The Park is open daily (except animal census) from 1st November to 30th April, unless due to the heavy rains in any exceptional year the park has to be closed earlier by the management due to bad road conditions and for safety reasons. Park remains open partially on the months of October and May and it remains closed from June to September.


Elephant ride and Jeep safari. Elephant rides and Jeep safari are available from 1st November to 30th April and could be possible subject to weather and road condition on the months of May & October. Riding time for elephant safari is from 5.15 am to 8.15 am. Jeep Safari entry time is available from  7.30 am to 10.00 am & 1:30 pm to 3.00 pm.

For latest updates on local Kaziranga weather and bookings enquiry please contact us at bookings@kazirangaadventures.com or call us at 09531059526 (available from 10 am to 8 pm).