Kaziranga National Park 2021 Opening Dates

kaziranga national park 2021 opening dates

Kohora 21/08/2021: Kaziranga National Park is likely to open from the 1st week of October 2021. However the National Park authority has not confirmed the dates yet. The Park Director mentioned in an TV news channel interview that “if the Park don’t get flooded due to the monsoon rain before 01/10/2021 then they will decide to open it during the month of October/2021”. Kaziranga National Park and the entire flood plains in Assam faces flood 2-3 times a year during the monsoon season. As per reports on the day of writing this article the water level in mighty river Brahmaputra is at danger level. The park jungle roads are not yet repaired for the up-coming tourist season. Repairing of roads and other structures are observed during the month of September and October every year. Regarding the safari rates change no one has confirmed any statements yet. It is likely to have a hike with the jeep safari prices considering the fuel price hike, however the jeep safari association and other organizations have not published any information yet.