Kaziranga National Park closing date 2021

Kaziranga National Park and all other protected areas in Assam will remain closed for tourists w.e.f. 04/May/2021 to avoid the spread of COVID-19 to wild animals and humans who are related to tourism industry. The Addl. PCCF of Assam M. K. Yadava, IFS has issued a notification on 03/May/2021 regarding the closure of Protected Areas in Assam for tourism activities. Every year officially the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve is operational for tourism activities w.e.f. November to April. Sometimes the park remains open during the month of October and May, but depending on weather conditions the Park is closed by the Park Authorities as the tourist carrying vehicles are non-motorable during monsoon season. This season Kaziranga National Park was remained open from November to April in full rush of local tourists.

Order by the Assam Forest Department regarding closure of Kaziranga National Park is given below –